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Dark Summoner List of Skills
« on: August 13, 2012, 01:07:19 AM »
List of Skills 

The following page will contain a list of skills and their known effects. Please Contribute.

Note: Skills do not stack. This means that only one type of each skill will take effect during battle.

Ex. If two monsters have Increase Party Defense, the monster that has the highest level Increase Party Defense will have its skill activate.

Max skill level is 20. To increase your skill monster's skill level, sacrifice one monster with the same skill name (skill level doesn't have to be the same). Note, the monster's skill level MAY NOT increase and the chances of it increasing decreases as your monster's skill increases.. You will have a higher chance of levelling up your monster's skill level if your sacrificed monster has a higher skill level.

It is highly suggested to only sacrifice monsters who has a rank of B+ or lower. And only to increase a monster's skill if their rank is A or higher. (Exception is the B/B+ tournament)

You can change a monster's skill (or give a monster a skill) by sacrifing a spirit. (Sleep Spirit, Lower Attack Spirit, etc.)

For the following charts, X = skill level.

Ex. Decrease Enemy Attack (I) -> X=1 so 4+1 = 5%.

Offensive Skills
Skill Name                                     Skill Effect
Preemptive Strike             Monsters with this skill will always attack first
Venomous Breath            Poisons a single enemy.
Slumbering Breath            Puts an opponents monster to sleep until it is attacked.
Decrease Enemy Attack    Decrease the enemy's attack by (4+X)%.
Decrease Enemy Defense Decrease enemy's defense by (4+X)%.
Covert Down                   Covert type monsters attack and defense power decrease by 1%
Impulse Down                  Impulse type monsters attack and defense power decrease by 1%
Psycho Down                   Psycho type monsters attack and defense power decrease by 1%

Defensive Skills
Skill Name                                Skill Effect
Increase Party Defense   Increase's your party's defense by (4+X)%.
Increase Party Attack   Increase's your party's attack by (4+X)%.
Agility Up                        Increase's your party's agility by (3+2X)%.
Critical Rate Up            Increases your monsters' chances of landing a critical hit by (3+2X)%.
Increase Dodge Rate   Dodge rate will increase by 5%
Heal                                   Heals a portion of a monster's HP in your party once it has been damaged                       significantly. This skill, like others, only occurs once.
Revive                           Revives one of your defeated monsters; monsters are revived with 30% of their total HP. Only occurs once.


Spirit Name   Skill Increase
Blood Red Spirit   ???
Pure White Spirit

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Re: Dark Summoner List of Skills
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2013, 06:21:37 AM »
Note: Skills do not stack. This means that only one type of each skill will take effect during battle.
Some people, may find this confusing. I've had people message me in regards to this. So, seeing that you've made a sticky of misleading information is... well, sucky. :( I'm trying to be polite here! lol

Pre-battle skills that are cast & modify a team's stats don't stack. I know that's what you meant by that comment. What a few don't understand is that Slumbering Breath, Preemptive Strike, Venomous Breath, etc are all skills that can be used by more than one creature. You can have a team with 5 slumb b skills and they'll all take effect, so long as they're all casted on different enemies.

Just thought that I'd throw this out there. Since I'm getting blown up myself with questions and comments in regards.
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